Deluxe Connection – Top Box

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  • 1 Top Box (insulated wrap with velcro, 30” base, 2 pipes, and access points) 
  • 2 x Connection Kits (4 x doors and two pipes)
  • 4 x clear closures: opaque available, request on order note
  • Pipe Hoops and Ratchet Clips

The Deluxe Connection Top Box uses two Connection Kits with a central Top Box to easily connect your hutch and run (or any two separate enclosures). The two pipes give you enough flex to easily move both your run and Top Box, especially when using longer lengths of pipe.

6” pipe suits most Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small furries. For large rabbits heavier than 4kg, such as Continental Giants, we advise that you use 8” pipe. 

The Top Box is a light and movable rabbit house with a viewing front panel that both you and the Rabbit will enjoy. It can be covered at night or in very hot weather, whereas during the winter months it offers somewhere to sunbathe out of the wind. This kit includes two connection kits to link the Top Box to two other areas.

The back the Top box opens easily as sections of the cover lift up and allow you to change the hay wall, add to the bedding, and easily removing the tray. It provides a great fox hide-away or bolt hole, providing a warm and sheltered housing unit. 

The mesh used is 3mm, pre-galvansised, weld wire mesh – meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years. 

When choosing colours we give one option but are happy to send you up to four different coloured doors. (order note required)


    Highly recommended for extra security Pipe Sleeve