Clear Junction Box

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  • A Clear Box with 4 exits (6" hole fits either pipe)
  • 4 x Pipe connections
  • 2-4 clear route blockers

The Clear Junction Box offers a right angle, three-way split, or crossroads - the choice is yours. Your bunnies will love the choice as they change direction easily - watch the fun as they race around! 

It can fit either pipe size and is, therefore, suitable for any size rabbit!

Includes at least two pipe fitments and options for more. All connections can be closed (with air holes). This makes it easy to keep groups of rabbits or guinea pigs and only let certain groups out at specific times. 

Measures 1ft square (30cm square) and made of a durable and strong clear plastic.

The optional junction box stand lifts the box off your grass, reducing damage to the ground. There is an option for a higher stand which holds the box 9 inches from the ground.