Burrow Pipe

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- 1 x Burrow Pipe

- You may wish to add Pipe Hoops

- To lift off ground add Pipe Support 

- View our 16ft Burrow Pipe here, you can create other custom lengths of pipe by using our Pipe Joiner 

This pipe is either a 6 or 8-inch diameter (slightly less internal diameters).

It can connect to all Runaround products and is usually secured each end with the door, or occasionally a pipe clamp for the smaller pipe.

This Burrow Pipe also makes a great addition inside any run for your rabbits to explore or hide inside! 

6" Pipe suits most rabbits, except very large bunnies over 4kg (10lbs), for example, Continental Giants. 

The 8" burrow pipe is very strong but still bends. If you need a right angle bend then choose a longer length as it does have a certain resistance. For example, to create a U bend a minimum length of 8ft is required. 

Sometimes there may be small scuff or scratch marks on this product. However, it would never affect the integrity of the pipe and is incurred because of the way it is delivered to us.

All pipe has small holes which provide ventilation and constant drainage, meaning water cannot build-up inside.