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An acrylic rabbit or guinea pig door designed to make a bunny exit/entrance with a slot for a slide-in clear closure

Provides a quick and easy to closure entrance to your hutch, run, or other enclosure! If you wish to connect to the burrow pipe see Runaround Door

There is a choice of wood or mesh fixings. Wood allows for 10mm thickness and the mesh 6mm. Let us know if your wood is any thicker (some wooden sides may fit our mesh screws). We can cut threaded rod for making longer screws, for example, through brick. Bespoke screw fixings  (*bespoke length order here)

The Larger Clovers Option (not a product by itself) can be added to your door order so the size ideally fits your existing exit hole if you prefer not to cut. A connector plate does the same job. 

It is best to cut the hole once you have the door for positioning not beforehand. The sliding closure will is clear with a peel-off backing.