Runaround Door Variations

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These Clover Doors Variations all have different functions and can be extremely useful for particular run set-ups.


Key Features:

  • Various Clover Door options to meet your specific needs.
  • Fixings are strong and secure.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor enclosures.
  • Robust design built to last through all weathers.

Please select the Clover Door sizes based on which diameter Burrow Pipe you require. For guinea pigs, most rabbits and other small furries – we would suggest using the Standard Clover Door and our 6-inch Burrow Pipe. For large rabbits, particularly those heavier than 4kg, such as Continental Giants, we advise that you use 8-inch Burrow Pipe and the Large Clover Door.

If you are connecting through panels thicker than 10/12mm please check our Bespoke Screws page [link]. If you’re still unsure whether you need bespoke screws, please contact us. 

Non-Pipe – Our unique Clover Door makes the perfect closeable entrance to your hutch, run, or other enclosure! Note, this product cannot be connected to Burrow Pipe.

Pipe Protecting – A stylish clover that attaches to the end of the Burrow Pipe to prevent chewing the ends. Includes a closure to close off exit when necessary.

Pipe Protecting (without closure) – Pipe Protecting without the option to close exit.

Double Glazing (to fit pipe) – A Clover Door that can be closed from both sides, with one side connecting to Burrow Pipe. Perfect for connecting to a house, conservatory, or a shed.

Double Glazing (non-pipe) - A Clover Door that can be closed from both sides, without Burrow Pipe fixings.

Door-Double Pipe – A single door which can hold Burrow Pipe on both sides. Useful for connecting through garden fences, walls and sheds.

Larger Clover Door – A single 275mm wide Clover Door with holes to connect to both 6” & 8” Burrow Pipe. The larger clover can cover larger exit holes, for example the 8” squares on zippi style runs. (choosing 6”/8” makes no difference to final product as holes are provided for both)