Connection Kit - Ferret

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  • Two sliding doors (fit on either wood or mesh)

  • Clear closures (opaque available on order note request)
  • 1 x Burrow Pipes (4-inch diameter) 

This connection kit is ideal for ferrets and small rodents. The 4-inch pipe is strong but bendy and you can coil overhead attached to the ceiling or wall to give these agile creatures a lot of fun. Use it to link areas together or simply use the pipe inside an aviary or shed to provide some fun and hiding potential.

There is a choice of wood or mesh fixings. Wood allows for 10mm thickness and the mesh 6mm (as runaround mesh is 3mm thick). Let us know if your wood is any thicker. We can cut threaded rod for making longer screws, for example through brick. Some wooden sides will easily take the shorter screw. We can cut threaded rod for making longer screws, for example, through brick.

The door is closable from the outside of the area without removing the pipe and if the pipe is removed your area is still secure.

 If you would like any variation that is not listed here please contact us. Or buy pipe separately with doors.

The central hole in the door is usually 70mm to fit our mesh but can be 76mm. If you have a preference please add an order note.

    How to Connect your Runaround Door