Connection Kit - Hamster

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  • Two sliding doors (fit on either wood or mesh)

  • Clear closures (opaque available on order note request)

  • 1 x Burrow Pipes (3-inch diameter) 

The Connection Kit is our original product that securely links any two enclosures, suitable for mesh or wooden fixings.

You can choose your length of 3-inch (80mm) diameter pipe for you to link cages together or simply spin off from the housing around the room and back again.

Linking your pet's housing space to their outdoor run is the ideal way to give them the freedom they need, even when you're away from home.

The Clear Door Closures allow you to keep your small furries in one section of their run whilst you clean or change a part of their set-up! These closures slide into place even whilst the pipe is attached, making the process efficient and easy. 

 If you would like any variation that is not listed here please contact us


    • you can add pipe hoops to secure your pipe in soft ground
    • for extra security, you can add a pipe sleeve to create a double protected zone for rabbits to hide and feel safe in
    • you may require a connector plate or a larger clover to ideally fit your exit.

      How to Connect your Runaround Door